Instructions for Presenters

Invited & Contributed Talks

The latest program can be found here. The time slots are:
-Contributed talks: You will have 12min for your talk, followed by 3min for questions.
-Invited talks: You will have 20min for your talk, followed by 5min for questions

*Please be courteous to your fellow speakers/audience and stay within your time.*

Slides should be prepared in the standard (4:3) format. To encourage discussion and exchange of ideas, each science session will be followed by a panel discussion including all speakers from that session, and chaired by a member of the SOC/invited speaker. Please make sure to be present during the panel discussion for your session.

As is customary with IAU symposia, all invited and contributed speakers will be required to submit a proceedings paper following the conclusion of the symposium. Further details will be provided at a later date.


Poster size: A0. Note posters must be in portrait mode.

Posters will be organized by session, and alphabetically within each session. We will provide the materials to attach the posters to the boards.

Poster sparklers:
Each poster presenter will have 2 minutes to present one slide about their poster. Again, the posters will be organized by session and alphabetically within each session. Please send your slide (PDF format) to Iris Breda ( by May 31st.

Poster viewing sessions:
We will dedicate 30 min every day after lunch to poster viewing. That will be a good time to hang around your poster and chat with people (but posters will also be viewed during coffee breaks).

Best early career researcher poster competition:
We will have a prize for the best poster by an early career researcher (i.e., students and postdocs). The posters will be judged on scientific content and presentation.

Poster quiz competition (open to all participants):
To encourage participants to read as many posters as possible, we will also have a “poster quiz competition”, where the symposium participants can enter by submitting answers to specific questions about the posters. The questions should be such that one would have to have read the poster to know the answer. Each poster will have one question, and the goal will be to answer the most questions.
Please send Iris a question about your poster (and the correct answer) for us to include in the quiz by May 31st.

Poster presenters will be invited to submit a short (2-page) proceedings paper for the symposium book.

Printing posters locally:
If you need to print your poster in Viana, here is an option (address on the bottom of the page; but please note that it is only open Monday-Friday):